Monday, June 26, 2006


Berkman and Garner both got ejected from the game against Detroit tonight. Berkman was livid. He really is one of the nicest guys and doesn't get mad very easily. That ump pushed his buttons real good. Garner just got thrown out because he was trying to, as support to Berkman. Cruz did a good job of stepping in between the argument so Lance didn't get himself into even more trouble. Then after Garner got thrown out, he threw a chair in the dugout. A lot of people are scolding him for that move. Whatever. I think the umps were a little "Detroit" sided tonight anyway. Not the home plate ump so much but the first base ump for sure (and I heard tomorrow he is behind the plate). He called a strike on a checked swing if it was Houston batting and he always made close calls at first in favor of Detroit. It was getting kind of obvious to me. In fact, I had this horrible feeling come over me as I watched the game. Maybe, sometimes, the games are rigged. Do you think that can happen? I certainly hope not.

Not since the White Sox threw the World Series over 80 years ago has the subject been brought up but maybe umps can be bought out too. I have never supported instant replay in the major leagues as argued calls are part of the game, but I am beginning to think that umpires need to have some accountability too. They have been making some horrible calls and it is all over. It is a shame because most of them are honest, hard working guys that just love baseball.

Finally, A Win

I got to watch the game on a 42" plasma tv last night. I had never watched anything with that little "HD" logo. I do not watch much television (we don't have it in our home- only DVDs) so this was a treat. I was having a real good time while the Astros were winning. But then at the 7th inning I turned to my mom and said "if they were playing any other team I wouldn't worry. But with the White Sox, I feel like the Astros could still lose." Oh if I would have known that saying out loud could make it happen, I would have kept my mouth shut. I tried to tell myself that the Sox needed two grandslams to win. Well they got one and a half and that was enough to tie and drive the game into extra innings.

I have just two things to say about that game that I want to say above all other things. First, I feel bad for Roy Oswalt. That guy pitched one hell of a game. He really did and the bullpen ruined his win. That is so unfair. RoyO is still one of the top pitchers in the major leagues and hopefully the Astros bullpen will back him up from now on. I am really mad about that. The second thing is, the Astros won. Yeah they blew a 7 run lead and yeah it took them 13 innings but they WON. At the end of the season, that win will show up in one column for the Astros and the loss will go in another column for the White Sox. That is all that matters.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Heart Breaking Day

Well, what can I say? Maybe the White Sox are just a better team than the Astros. Maybe, the Astros just don't want to win. Maybe, Satan truly does own this world and only his minions can come out on top. It doesn't matter what the reason is, Houston still lost today. They gave up a 4 run lead to a grand slam. The second grand slam in as many days. I am heart broken like it was the world series all over again. I cannot wait until we leave Chicago and get back to old fashioned baseball where it really doesn't matter if we win or lose. Like the song goes, "root root root for the home team, if they don't win it's a shame, for it's one-two-three strikes you're out at the ol' ball game!" People used to get drunk and sing along. Now they get drunk and brawl. Me, I think I am just going to go get drunk and cry and hope for a win tomorrow.

Friday, June 23, 2006

American League Baseball Sucks

Houston is playing the CWS as I type this. It is the bottom of the 8th inning and of course, the Astros are behind 4-7. I think I loathe the White Sox. They are the rudest sons of bitches I have ever seen. And that is really saying something since I have witnessed many NY Yankee and Boston Red Sox games. Ozzie Guillen is remarkably quiet though. I once heard JD say how he had absolutely no interest in inter-league play. He wanted to watch only NL action. I am beginning to understand why. American League baseball is so different. These teams are dirty. They are rude and will win by cheating if necessary. There hasn't been cheating tonight but the friendly competition feel is certainly absent. I miss seeing Pujols and Berkman chat on first base because no matter who is on defense or offense they both manage to get there every game. I miss seeing Biggio congratulate Jeff Kent for a well hit double and vice versa. I like when Brad Ausmus looks out for the opposing batters when they get nearly hit by a pitch, by visiting the mound and giving the guy time to regroup. There is no fun kicking a guy when he is down. Do you think AJ Pierzynski would do that? Hell no. This game sucked and I think the whole series will too whether or not we win any. There is no fun. It is all about winning and making the others look bad. No sportsmanship AT ALL. That is so sad.

Astros lost 4-7. Tomorrow is another day.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Return of The Rocket

I only got to watch the first 3 innings of the Houston vs. Minnesota game. I felt so bad for Roger Clemens. The crowd was so loud and so excited to have The Rocket back home. Everytime he threw a strike everyone screamed and cheered. Nothing like a little pressure. He kept taking deep breaths. Besides looking totally hot in his uniform (hey I am a girl and have to put those kind of things in) he looked like he was on top of his game. Just nervous. That is it. I bet next time he will be SMOKIN'! It is now the bottom of the 9th and the Astros are trailing 2-4. Maybe it will be over by the time I finish this post.

On a side note, I saw Guillen was ordered to sensitivity training. Excuse the chat speak but ROFLMAO! How can I say it any differently? He still doesn't understand what he did wrong. I bet he will never understand no matter how many sensitivity classes he takes.

Okay Ensberg got the final out. We lost but tomorrow is another day. Oh crap! I just realized who we play tomorrow. Ozzie Guillen's White Sox. Bring it on!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Think Before You Speak

I decided that I should bring all of my baseball chatter to another blog to get it out of my system. Sports fans love to talk about sports and voice their opinion so this is my forum whether or not people read it. I feel better that I have created this website.

So what do I want to talk about first? Ozzie Guillen of course. I am a Houston Astros fan but this opinion piece is not bitter grapes that Guillen's team beat the Astros in the 2005 World Series. No sir. I feel that since his win, he has turned into a freak. A hot tempered spoiled rude man that cares about no one but himself (and winning of course). I liked his crass ways at first. He never held back anything but now he doesn't even think before he speaks. First he got mad that his rookie pitcher didn't retaliate. How did he respond? A massive tirade on national television and then he sent the kid back to the minors. What a jerk! Now, a reporter has done the same thing as me, wrote something condemning Guillen's behavior. How does Guillen respond? He calls the guy a piece of shit and a fucking fag. Nice huh? And this is a guy kids are suppose to look up to.

I think something should be done about Guillen. No I don't think he should be fined or sit out a few games. I think people just need to call him on the carpet. His stocks have plummeted and rightly so. Fans, players, managers, owners and sports writers should all let Guillen know, his behavior is not welcome nor will it be tolerated any further. Guillen, baseball has a place for you, just not your hate filled rants. Don't lie and say "fag" means something different in your country. We know it doesn't and your lies insult our intelligence. We know you will never be open-minded and accepting of those different than you. We know you will always hate from the bottom of your heart. However, we ask one thing of you, and one thing only: Think before you speak!