Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Letter To Roy Oswalt

Dear Roy,

I just have to say I love you. This season has been very heartbreaking for Houston Astros fans everywhere but you, with that wonderful car battery shocked arm and Southern boy attitude have kept some constistency in a topsy turvy season. You play to win everytime. You show up and respectfully let the umpires know that your pitch painted the corner of the plate for a strike instead of the outside ball call they gave you. They know it is true because the next pitch they call it right. You run to first to cover the bag for Berkman without hesitation. Your hustling skills are inspiring. I know if you were a pinch runner you would steal second everytime. You can pitch well into the 7th and 8th inning without breaking a sweat. I know the A/C at MMP isn't that good. You aren't afraid to bean a cocky player either even though you have to pick up the bat sometimes. I noticed Roger Clemens only started beaning players again once he got back into the AL. Not you. Heroes don't back down. I love when you have complete control of your curve ball. The other teams shake in fear. They know it will be a long game with very few hits. And if they get lucky and hit the ball you NEVER panic! You get that smirk and go at it like it never happened. I love that about you. But the thing I love most about you is that you wear a star on your hat and Houston on your jersey and you wear it proud. All the baseball announcers say you aren't very big but what they don't realize is with your hero status we Houston fans see you as 10 feet tall. And that is bigger than any other player out there. Please number 44, don't ever leave us.

a desperate fan,

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