Thursday, April 19, 2007

Playing Above .500

I haven't updated because I moved my regular blog over to wordpress and sometimes I forget to check into this one. But after a slow start the Astros are playing above .500 as of last night. The win last night gave them a record of 7-6 but the best part was the 5 runs in the 8th inning. I think wins like this are important to the team to show them that they can win with just 2 innings left. They are tough guys. Anyway, Ensberg and Lamb have been sharing playing time at 3rd. Both look real sharp. Everett and Loretta have been sharing time at shortstop and both are awesome. Loretta has more power at the plate but Everett has a great hitting streak going too. Luke Scott and Jason Lane have been sharing time in right field and both have been doing spectacular. Scott made an awesome run saving throw to Brad Ausmus a few night ago. Burke and Berkman have not found their groovebut last night Berkman looked like he was coming out of it. Carlos Lee is a monster and has hit run after run after run. I am not complaining at all. Awesome. Anyway the big news was the cold weather the first two weeks of baseball. Lots of postponed games because of rain and snow. I just think it was a shocking start for a shocking season when the Astros finally come out on top.

Now for a confession. I have been watching when Andy Pettitte pitches. I really don't want him to pitch poorly but I don't want the Yankees to win either. The problem is that if he pitches good then the Yankees win. I hate the Yankees. But he looks a whole lot happier there than he was in Houston. It is kind of sad for me. I think us Houston fans were just deluding ourselves that Andy liked it in Houston. Well, he is a great player and I wish him well but I really hope come October he is sitting out while Houston goes on for the finish. Not to be nasty or anything but a Yankee is a Yankee and even if Craig Biggio himself became one I would have to say the same thing.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sucky Beginning

Okay, two games down and two that the Astros have lost. Yesterday Roy Oswalt pitched a pretty good game. When he left the game the Astros were winning 2-1. Then in the top of the 9th Brad Lidge blew the save. This poor guy was handed over to be skewered this morning by every sports writer there was. I felt so bad for him but at the same time, he can't keep blowing saves! It was like last season never ended. Biggio got one hit yesterday and ZERO today. He just didn't look that sharp but I know it is early. I am not panicking. Not by any means. Tonight was another loss but I have decided a few things about the Astros. The starting pitching (so far) has been OUTSTANDING. Jason Jennings did a great job. The relief pitching is not doing well at all. There is no closer that stand out from the rest except Dan Wheeler but he didn't do so hot tonight. Chad Qualls looked much better tonight and after the first batter, Rick White did very good. The Final thing I have noticed is that the offense has NOT improved. The only guys hitting the ball are the ones competing for jobs Luke Scott and Jason Lane. Last night it was Luke Scott's homer that got the Astros on the board and tonight it was Jason Lane. I guess I am just waiting for Berkman and Lee to show us why they get paid the big bucks. BUT it is only game 2 and there over 150 more games to go. I know they will all come around.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Opening Day!

Oh this was such a LONG winter break for me this time around. I can't believe that I read baseball news everyday which basically amounted to a bunch of rumors and no real news. However, today is the day I have been waiting for and Roy Oswalt will take the mound tonight against the Pittsburgh Pirates. I like the Pirates. They are a nice team with nice fans so it should a night of fun and a good game. The starting rotation for the Astros was a bit of a shock to me but I don't understand much about waivers and such. the five starters are:
  1. Roy Oswalt
  2. Jason Jennings
  3. Woody Williams
  4. Wandy Rodriguez
  5. Chris Sampson

I am ecstatic about Chris Sampson making the starting rotation because I think he has what it takes. But Wandy Rodriguez? He is merely in the line-up because he is a southpaw/leftie. I think that is a terrible reason to keep him around. Hopefully Wandy will rise to the occasion and if he doesn't then Garner has enough sense to send Wandy's butt back down and QUICK. Nieve and Albers were sent to Round Rock while Rick White and Brian Moehler landed bullpen spots for long relief. A lot of fans don't like Moehler but I think he is going to be a very nice surprise. So I will be back tomorrow ranting and fawning over the opening game. I keep thinking how one game kept the Astros out of the play offs last year so every game matters. Let's go 'Stros!