Saturday, August 18, 2007

Did I Jinx You?

My Dear Roy Oswalt,

Did I jinx you? I saw you had to leave the game early tonight because of an oblique strain. I hope you are not out for the rest of the season. You were just getting into your groove. I have decided to rename this blog "Baseball Letters". I am getting fond of writing to you all. Uh, excuse me I meant to say "y'all". So RoyO, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Right now I must go write another letter to Carlos Lee. Please get well soon. I love watching you pitch!

Dear Carlos Lee,
I am sorry you were injured in tonight's game. I do hope it will heal quickly and you are back playing in no time. A lot of people complain about how much money athletes (baseball players in particular) get paid but I think you are worth every cent that your contract demands. Maybe you have mini-slumps and sometimes you don't hustle down first base line (that has to stop btw) but Carlos, you steal second quite often. People don't think at your size you would attempt to steal but you do and you steal WELL! I think my favorite part about you is how much you smile and how it looks like you are always having fun. Don't ever stop that. The other night when you swung the bat so hard it made you fall down, most guys would have died of embarassment but not you. You stood up and laughed and took a bow while the fans cheered you on. That was AWESOME. I hope you get better soon because the Astros are not the same without El Caballo in left field.
much love,

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Oswalt is in a country music video

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