Saturday, October 14, 2006

Beginning Of Off Season

So the Astros made a late season surge but missed the cutoff. Better luck next year. It was still a fantastic season. Yeah, there were some real rough patches but it was never boring. Some updates about the team. Roy Oswalt will play for the Houston Astros until 2011. Not bad. The Wizard is awesome. There is no news either way about Andy Pettitte next year. I hope he comes back. Craig Biggio will probably only play one more year. He is near the 3000 hit mark. What an outstanding player. I wish Jeff Bagwell could play along side him. Luke Scott made quite an impression the tail end of the season. He has a great batting average. I think he has earned a starting spot. I haven't heard if Aubrey Huff will return nor have I heard about Morgan Ensberg. I think they need to whip Brad Lidge into shape over the break and then acquire a strong bat to boost offense. Other than that, the team really wasn't that bad. One more update is that Phil Garner will stay on as manager but Jim Hickey was fired. That didn't make any sense to me since pitching was a strong part for the Astros. Plus, he was really cute. I had to add that.