Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good-Bye To The Killer B's

Hunter Pence has been such a joy to watch this season. He definitely has been one of the bright spots in this dismally played season so far. He hurt his wrist and was put on the DL for 4-6 weeks. They brought up Jason Lane and so far he is doing pretty good. Burke has been getting more starts at 2B but compared to Loretta I do not think he is the one that should get the job permanently. Biggio announced his retirement and on the same day hit a tie-breaking grand slam. It was something out of the movies, I swear. He is such a great guy. A family man, loyal to his wife, a team player for the SAME TEAM and a stellar career. Still with Biggio leaving I think the times of the Killer B's is a thing of the past. I say time to move on to the Killer L's.

Carlos Lee
Lance Berkman
Mark Loretta
Mike Lamb
Luke Scott

Somehow we gotta work an "L" into Hunter Pence's name. He is awesome at the plate.

I am still rooting for the guys to make it to .500 by the end of the season. I want Biggo's last year to be a winning one.

*edit* I just saw a thread on the board about the "Lethal L's". This person came up with it way back on June 30th. I swear I wasn't copying but they had a better idea anyway by calling them "Lethal" oh yeah, I likey very much.


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