Friday, August 24, 2007

Dear Eric Munson The Hottest Houston Astro

Dear Eric Munson,

I really like you. I am not sure why management and Alyson Footer think of you as merely a back-up catcher. Oh, for sure Brad Ausmus is the master. You should feel honored to have such a teacher. He truly knows baseball. However, I think you have learned your lessons well and Brad Ausmus probably will not be around next season. So my words to you are about encouragement. Stick with it. Soon everyone will see your value. Not to mention you are probably the hottest guy on the team. Oops! Did I write that for the world to see? Anyway, I am female and sometimes those thoughts cross my mind when talking about baseball. That is why I feel bad for guy baseball fans. They don't get the added dimension of lusting after those athletic bodies. I digress. I just want you to not worry about living in the shadow of Brad Ausmus. Brad is Brad and will probably someday manage the Astros. What if Lidge would have worried about living up to Wagner? Or Berkman worried about living up to Bagwell? They each bring something special to the team and just let their own personal abilities shine. So show the world what you got Eric Munson. I know you will be great. Plus, you can hit homeruns. It has been a LONG time since the Astros had a catcher that has that kind of potential. (I am not bagging on Brad Ausmus- his strengths have always been defense and knowing the opposing teams' batting trends)

your number one fan,

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