Monday, February 26, 2007

Spring Training, and Houston Astros Fan Forum

It's spring training and I am one happy Houston fan. Of course there is the Roger Clemens drama whenever he takes a step outside of his house but I truly believe that is not his doing but the freaky media. Burke looks like he got the centerfield position while Biggio and Loretta platoon second. Loretta is going to be giving Adam a rest at shortstop some days too. I am very excited about the new season. Just one more month (and a few days) before opening day!

I got an email from asking if I wanted to add this blog to the MLB fan blogs. I am not sure about this. I mean, I am not a diehard statistics person and I only really like the Houston Astros. I am trying to find love in my heart for the KC Royals too since moving to this town but I go overboard with the Astros. I feel so intimidated when talking about the Astros because no matter what you say, people throw out these numbers that are supposed to mean a whole bunch but really don't amount to diddly-squat when the player is having a good or bad day. So I think for now, I am going to leave this blog off of the MLB site. Still it was nice to be asked.

I visit the Houston Astros fan forum regularly. I do not post regularly though. For the most part, there are some nice people like a couple of grannies, a guy named Marshall and I like Oswaltbabe too even though people fight with her. I don't get that. Oh and there is this adorable Josh (fan of bruntlett) that I love. But overall, the place scares me and I don't say much on that board because inevitably someone will start talking smack. If you really want information about the Astros, it is a good place to go. You just have to weed around the 'trolls' and look for sound posting. I don't understand all the statistics but if you are a stats fan, many posters back up their talk with stats. I am more about feelings which is a cardinal sin to most fans. Oh well, it doesn't mean I love the Astros any less and for the most part, the fan forum agrees.

Gawd I can't wait until opening day! I hope I get to see another game this season. In a way I am glad I saw Pettitte pitch last time since he will be wearing Yankee strips this year. SUCKER.