Sunday, November 12, 2006

I Think I Pissed Him Off

Okay, we all know my first love in baseball is the Houston Astros. I also like a lot of other teams. The LA Dodgers will always hold a special place in my heart since I grew up going to those games, eating Farmer John hotdogs while developing my first crush on a "famous" person: Steve Garvey. I think he is the reason why I still get turned on by men with hairy arms. Anyway, I get super angry when sports writers only talk about teams from NY or Chicago. It is getting really old in my opinion. During this past World Series they had article after article about how terrible this WS was, or how NY was bored because they had no one to watch. Basically, the Detroit Tigers and the St. Louis Cardinals were teams that were nice. They had no attitude problems, no drama, no superstars that make cameo appearances on various Hollywood shows or Late Night w/David Letterman. These guys played baseball for the love of the game, not for fame. Both teams represented middle America and I for one was glad to see it. It didn't matter who won the WS in my eyes because for once NYC nor Chicago nor Boston had anything to do with it. John Heyman from Sports Illustrated felt differently. After reading his article I just snapped and sent this letter:

Submitted by Daphne (
Hometown Kansas City
It must really eat you up inside that a team playing this bad in the WS BEAT the Yankees and another team that only has stellar pitching so far BEAT the Mets. I am sick and tired of hearing about poor NY not having a team to watch. If they are so important in baseball why don't they just start their own league?! Then the Mets and Yankees can play each other the entire season and they would always make the post season. You are forgetting that there is another coast to this great nation that also has to watch their teams sit out. You are so arrogant and full of hot air!

Here is his reply:

i think the 83 wins bothered me. that and the cold. the series was better on tv, though not especially well played in my estimation. thanks, jh

Do you think I pissed him off? I do.