Sunday, September 03, 2006

Season Is Winding Down

Well there is only 26 games left or so. This past week has been FUN. They swept the Brewers. Then the Mets came to town. The Astros ended up losing 2 out of 3 but the games were awesome to watch. RoyO, now a starting pitcher for Houston for 5 more years (yes!) pitched great today. There are some fights on the fan boards whether or not luck has anything to do with winning. Many Astros fans thought the Mets got lucky with their wins because Everett (who almost never has errors) had an error in the first game that cost a run and Biggio had an error in the second game. Of course, the Mets fans feel that their team just played superior baseball. Astros fans think the Mets got lucky. Now after today's game the tables are turned. The Mets feel the Astros got lucky and the Astros feel they played superior baseball. I should clarify that the FANS feel this way, not the teams themselves. Well some of the fans. I personally believe that baseball is a mixture of skill AND luck. I, being an Astros fan, believe that they are the BEST team around. I feel that they are under-performing while teams like the Mets and Phillies are just over-performing for their skill level. Fans of those teams would disagree but this is my blog and my views. I say, win or lose, the Astros rule!