Sunday, August 19, 2007

Please Consider Us Mike Lamb

Dear Mike Lamb,

I know so many rumors are floating around about your future with the Houston Astros. Many people have said it would be stupid for you to stick around without being given a starting position. I am inclined to agree but my selfish nature takes over. I don't want you to go! I cannot imagine you in any other uniform except Houston's. You are an AMAZING player. Just today you robbed so many batters of hits because nothing was getting past you on first base side. I have often prayed and pleaded for Garner to give you a starting position. I know when you play we will see some offense. In the past you have not been known for your glove but I think times have changed. You can really play defense superbly. I know your number by heart too. Number 26. When I play the lottery I pick that number sometimes with thoughts of you. For a while I avoided numbers 21 and 22 because of 2 certain Yankee players. But if you were to go to another team I would still think of number 26 as lucky. I just hope you consider staying with us. We love you Mike Lamb, my clam. I hope we offer you the money and the playing time. You deserve it.

much love and adoration,

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