Thursday, December 14, 2006

Speaking My Mind About Andy Pettitte

Okay, so he left the Astros. He didn't just leave, but ran away, fast. Real fast. I think he lied to the fans but not really intentionally. People mess up; I know I have and Andy now has to deal with a lot of angry ex-fans. If he just would have said "I love you guys in Houston but I started in NY and want to finish up my career there" we would have been sad but patted him on the back and wished him well. Instead he said horrible things like "NY wanted him more" and "God slammed the door on Houston". I dare him to find one person in NY that wanted him to play for the Yankess more than I wanted him to play for the Astros. In a sense, Andy Pettitte broke my heart. Still, I do not wish him ill will. I hope he stays healthy and finds the happiness in NY that Houston and the Astros couldn't seem to give him. Of course that doesn't mean I hope he pitches well because he playing for the Yankees afterall. The Yankees are evil. They are the dark side. A group led by George "Darth Maul" Steinbrenner. The Astros are Jedis. If you don't believe me, just ask Luke Scott. Use the force Luke!

ps. this means that Roger Clemens needs to stay in Houston to bring balance back to the force, don't you agree?