Saturday, May 05, 2007

Woody Williams Needs Some Run Support

The Astros are doing better. Still below .500 but winning here and there. This post however, is solely dedicated to Woody Williams. I love this guy. He is hasn't gotten a W yet this season but it isn't because he is pitching poorly. It just kills me how the offense just shuts down every time this guy pitches. I am getting angry about it! Okay last night Williams pitched and gave up 3 runs. St. Louis ended up winning the game 3-2. So today Matt Albers pitches and the Astros get a freaking 13 runs?! They won 13-0. If just half of those runs had been scored the night before Woody Williams would have gotten his first W as an Astro. So many people are down on him as a pitcher. I don't understand that. No he is not a strikeout type of guy and relies a lot on getting batters out with fly balls or grounders. He is a contact pitcher. Nothing wrong with that. What is wrong with the picture is the anemic Houston offense that doesn't lift a darn finger to back this fine pitcher up. Let's go Astros. You did good with Wandy Rodriguez (but the bullpen blew that one). Let the man get a win next time around. Please. He is doing his job, so should the bats.


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