Sunday, May 06, 2007

So Long Roger Clemens

picture taken from thanks scout97!

Roger Clemens signed with the New York Yankees. Well that sucks. It sucks because 1) he won't be pitching for Houston anymore and 2) I hate the Yankees and 3) I will have to root against him. I like Roger Clemens. He is a great player and if anyone says anything different, they are big fat liars. I do have a few unanswered questions about it all though. I know it wasn't about the money because all teams were willing to pay out the nose for him. There is talk that he wanted to play for a team that could win the WS. If that were true, why didn't he play for Boston? They have a MUCH better team than NY this year. If it were about ego, then why didn't he stay in Houston where everyone treats him like a god? I don't know. Maybe someone can answer these questions for me. I wish the Rocket well but I truly hope the Yankees crash and burn. They are so evil. I wish every season for the Yankees to come in last place but it will never happen. Wanna know why? Because if the Yankees were losing real bad by the All-Star break then Steinbrenner would just spend another $200 million re-designing the team to win. Money is no object for someone like him. It really sucks.

So Roger Clemens, good-bye. I am glad you were an Astro for a while. Thanks for the great memories. Effectively immediately though, you are the enemy. Maybe once you retire I will be able to smile upon your smug countenance once again. And for the record, I don't believe the homosexual rumors about you and Andy Pettitte. No way.


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