Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Last Place Astros

My boys are playing rather sucky-ish. Jason Jennings has been on the DL and Albers has taken his place. Last night Albers didn't even last 3 innings. Or maybe it was 4. Either way the game was a washout at 11-2. Guess what the problem is. Offense! surprise surprise! Why does this team have problems hitting? The good news is that they called up Hunter Pence and this kid plays with much enthusiasm. Like the rest of the team should play. In fact only Biggio, Oswalt and Pence look determined out there. Well I have to say Woody Williams also looks hungry for a win. Poor guy is like 0-4 because no one hits the damn ball when he pitches. A total Clemens treatment. Unfortunately Woody isn't as good as Clemens and allows a few runs so he doesn't have the luxury on a no-decision. He gets pegged with the loss. Berkman is in a slump and somehow got a chip on his shoulder. Adam Everett is hitting and playing like a stud as usual but when he and Biggio are the only ones hitting....oh well. April was a terrible month for the boys and so was May 1st but tonight I expect a change. Light a fire under their butts or tsit them. I don't have time to watch a team who doesn't put their heart into the game. Baseball is fun. It is time they remembered that. I still love my Astros but am very disappointed at the lame excuses they are making. Still, I have my pom-poms ready to go.


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