Friday, August 24, 2007

Dear Eric Munson The Hottest Houston Astro

Dear Eric Munson,

I really like you. I am not sure why management and Alyson Footer think of you as merely a back-up catcher. Oh, for sure Brad Ausmus is the master. You should feel honored to have such a teacher. He truly knows baseball. However, I think you have learned your lessons well and Brad Ausmus probably will not be around next season. So my words to you are about encouragement. Stick with it. Soon everyone will see your value. Not to mention you are probably the hottest guy on the team. Oops! Did I write that for the world to see? Anyway, I am female and sometimes those thoughts cross my mind when talking about baseball. That is why I feel bad for guy baseball fans. They don't get the added dimension of lusting after those athletic bodies. I digress. I just want you to not worry about living in the shadow of Brad Ausmus. Brad is Brad and will probably someday manage the Astros. What if Lidge would have worried about living up to Wagner? Or Berkman worried about living up to Bagwell? They each bring something special to the team and just let their own personal abilities shine. So show the world what you got Eric Munson. I know you will be great. Plus, you can hit homeruns. It has been a LONG time since the Astros had a catcher that has that kind of potential. (I am not bagging on Brad Ausmus- his strengths have always been defense and knowing the opposing teams' batting trends)

your number one fan,

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Jason Jennings

Dearest Jason,

I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around you. I know you are a good pitcher. I know that the guys really don't give you any run support. I know you have had problems with your elbow. I know all of these things. I just don't understand how you can be so on fire one minute then give up mega runs the next. I like you Jason. I want you to remain in Houston. However, I am not feeling the love from other fans. Maybe since you are a Dallas boy you hate the Astros & love the Rangers. I don't know. I just hope that your next few starts (tonight is already a goner) have you pitching to potential. I am rooting for you. I know you have the stuff. Let's go show it off, okay?

much love,

ps. I love the fact that you can hit the ball too. Most pitchers suck when it comes to batting. You are a true athlete.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Please Consider Us Mike Lamb

Dear Mike Lamb,

I know so many rumors are floating around about your future with the Houston Astros. Many people have said it would be stupid for you to stick around without being given a starting position. I am inclined to agree but my selfish nature takes over. I don't want you to go! I cannot imagine you in any other uniform except Houston's. You are an AMAZING player. Just today you robbed so many batters of hits because nothing was getting past you on first base side. I have often prayed and pleaded for Garner to give you a starting position. I know when you play we will see some offense. In the past you have not been known for your glove but I think times have changed. You can really play defense superbly. I know your number by heart too. Number 26. When I play the lottery I pick that number sometimes with thoughts of you. For a while I avoided numbers 21 and 22 because of 2 certain Yankee players. But if you were to go to another team I would still think of number 26 as lucky. I just hope you consider staying with us. We love you Mike Lamb, my clam. I hope we offer you the money and the playing time. You deserve it.

much love and adoration,

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Did I Jinx You?

My Dear Roy Oswalt,

Did I jinx you? I saw you had to leave the game early tonight because of an oblique strain. I hope you are not out for the rest of the season. You were just getting into your groove. I have decided to rename this blog "Baseball Letters". I am getting fond of writing to you all. Uh, excuse me I meant to say "y'all". So RoyO, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Right now I must go write another letter to Carlos Lee. Please get well soon. I love watching you pitch!

Dear Carlos Lee,
I am sorry you were injured in tonight's game. I do hope it will heal quickly and you are back playing in no time. A lot of people complain about how much money athletes (baseball players in particular) get paid but I think you are worth every cent that your contract demands. Maybe you have mini-slumps and sometimes you don't hustle down first base line (that has to stop btw) but Carlos, you steal second quite often. People don't think at your size you would attempt to steal but you do and you steal WELL! I think my favorite part about you is how much you smile and how it looks like you are always having fun. Don't ever stop that. The other night when you swung the bat so hard it made you fall down, most guys would have died of embarassment but not you. You stood up and laughed and took a bow while the fans cheered you on. That was AWESOME. I hope you get better soon because the Astros are not the same without El Caballo in left field.
much love,

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Letter To Roy Oswalt

Dear Roy,

I just have to say I love you. This season has been very heartbreaking for Houston Astros fans everywhere but you, with that wonderful car battery shocked arm and Southern boy attitude have kept some constistency in a topsy turvy season. You play to win everytime. You show up and respectfully let the umpires know that your pitch painted the corner of the plate for a strike instead of the outside ball call they gave you. They know it is true because the next pitch they call it right. You run to first to cover the bag for Berkman without hesitation. Your hustling skills are inspiring. I know if you were a pinch runner you would steal second everytime. You can pitch well into the 7th and 8th inning without breaking a sweat. I know the A/C at MMP isn't that good. You aren't afraid to bean a cocky player either even though you have to pick up the bat sometimes. I noticed Roger Clemens only started beaning players again once he got back into the AL. Not you. Heroes don't back down. I love when you have complete control of your curve ball. The other teams shake in fear. They know it will be a long game with very few hits. And if they get lucky and hit the ball you NEVER panic! You get that smirk and go at it like it never happened. I love that about you. But the thing I love most about you is that you wear a star on your hat and Houston on your jersey and you wear it proud. All the baseball announcers say you aren't very big but what they don't realize is with your hero status we Houston fans see you as 10 feet tall. And that is bigger than any other player out there. Please number 44, don't ever leave us.

a desperate fan,

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Welcome Ty Wigginton

Morgan Ensberg got released and Dan Wheeler got traded to Tampa Bay for Ty Wigginton. He is a pretty good player and already has some hits for the team which is big news since the Astros can't seem to get their offense going. Carlos Lee is in a slump. Not a horrible one but he is not hitting as well as he normally does. So today is August 2nd and for the past 2 days I have watched the Astros play TERRIBLE baseball. The Braves have gotten double digits on my guys in the first 2 games of the series and I am just cringing at what tonight may bring. They just don't look good out there and there has also been a lot of errors too. It is time to get my pompoms out or sacrifice a chicken. We need a win. Go Astros!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good-Bye To The Killer B's

Hunter Pence has been such a joy to watch this season. He definitely has been one of the bright spots in this dismally played season so far. He hurt his wrist and was put on the DL for 4-6 weeks. They brought up Jason Lane and so far he is doing pretty good. Burke has been getting more starts at 2B but compared to Loretta I do not think he is the one that should get the job permanently. Biggio announced his retirement and on the same day hit a tie-breaking grand slam. It was something out of the movies, I swear. He is such a great guy. A family man, loyal to his wife, a team player for the SAME TEAM and a stellar career. Still with Biggio leaving I think the times of the Killer B's is a thing of the past. I say time to move on to the Killer L's.

Carlos Lee
Lance Berkman
Mark Loretta
Mike Lamb
Luke Scott

Somehow we gotta work an "L" into Hunter Pence's name. He is awesome at the plate.

I am still rooting for the guys to make it to .500 by the end of the season. I want Biggo's last year to be a winning one.

*edit* I just saw a thread on the board about the "Lethal L's". This person came up with it way back on June 30th. I swear I wasn't copying but they had a better idea anyway by calling them "Lethal" oh yeah, I likey very much.